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 Robert Morrison - Irondawg Powerlifter of the Month for August, 2016



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August 12, 13, 14, 2016
GPA / IPO Argentina Championships Powerlifting & Bench Press, Corrientes- Argentina

August 13, 14, 2016
Singapore Powerlifting Alliance Championships, United World College, Dover Campus.  1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654
August 18, 2016
GPA-IPC Open Mediterranean Championship, Israel

August 21, 22, 2016
Malaysia Powerlifting Alliance Strength Assembly Meet 2016

September 5-8, 2016
GPA / IPO World Cup, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia   Information    Entry form  Contact for hotel:  Travel Email:
Extended entry deadline August 10, extended payment deadline August 31. 

September 17, 2016
APC/GPA/IPO Americas Cup.  Iron Beast Gym, 675 Grove St., Gainesville, Ga. 30501,  Marcell Allen 770-503-0930   Entry Form

October 14, 15, 16, 2016
GPA / IPO South American Championship Powerlifting, Bench Press, Push Pull & Deadlift, Villa Maria-Cordoba-Argentina   INFORMATION

October 14, 15, 16, 2016
GPA / IPO,  Union Powerlifters Russia Euroasian Cup Powerlifting, separated exercises of powerlifting. Voronezh, Russia.      Regulations    

October 20-23, 2016
GPA / IPO European Cup, Szerengs, Hungary.

New Date

December 8-11, 2016

GPA / IPO World Championships.  Moscow, Russia  Information for invitation for visa

All Information


Items for discussion at the AGM for GPA/IPO   If you have items that need discussing at the AGM plese list them here.

Letter from Sergey Dluzhnevskiy, GPA / IPO Russia President:

Dear Athletes!

The Bureau of the "Union Powerlifters Russia"

Proudly announced that in December, 2016, Moscow would become the capital of the World Powerlifting - be held for the first time in the capital of the world championship GPA / IPO. Of course, we all remember what an incredible level of the holding of such launches was raised as to the "peace" GPA in Sydney in 2014, when, on the box made kirill сарычев, Andrey Маланичев, Andrey Belyaev, Konstantine Konstantinov, Zahir Khudayarov, Mikhail Кокlyaev, Wayne Howlett Odell, Manuel, Benedict Mаgnusson and other stars of our sport. We promise that will spare no effort to our tournament called no less enthusiasm throughout the world and has become a new milestone of the development of alternative powerlifting. We will try to surprise of all, and, in something even to themselves, and to make the tournament truly memorable for each participant. We hope that, with your support, we'll make it!

With Respect, the bureau of the "Union Powerlifters Russia"

December 3, 2016
GPA / IPO Argentina Championships Push Pull & Deadlift, Chascomus-Bs As-Argentina

December 12, 2016
GPA / IPO, Cup #COMFORÇA Bench Press and Deadlift, Brazil

February 18, 19, 2017
GPA / IPO Russian Cup, Voronezh, Russia

May , 2017
GPA / IPO European Championships, Israel

October 19-22, 2017
GPA / IPO World Cup, Moscow, Russia.  Promoter: Sergey Dluzhnevskiy.  Telephone +7911545530, E-mail:

November 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2017
GPA / IPO World Championships. 
Villa Maria-Cordoba, Argentina

November 23, 24, 25, 26,  2018
GPA / IPO World Championships.  Republic of Georgia

























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