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Fernanda De Lima Irondawg Powerlifter of the Month for November, 2017

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  Nominations for the GPA/IPO Worlds will close October 10.  Don't miss out, Register now!

Items for discussion at the AGM 2017


November 5, 2017
GPA  Open Cup of Moldova

November 10,11,12, 2017
GPA / IPO European Cup - Kiev, Ukraine. Promoter Bogdan Vorobey

November 16-19, 2017
GPA/IPO World Cup 2017, Moscow, Russia.  Promoter: Sergey Dluzhnevskiy.  Telephone +7911545530, E-mail:     Information  Web site: россия-пауэрлифтинг.рф,,,
Information in English here

November 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2017
GPA / IPO World Championships. 
Villa Maria-Cordoba, Argentina

Notice.  Nominations for the GPA/IPO Worlds will close October 10.  Don't miss out, Register now!
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Items for discussion at the AGM 2017

November 29, 2017
GPA/IPO North India Bench Press and Deadlift Championships

February 24, 2018
GPA/IPO Irondawg International Cup - Push Pull, Bench Press, Deadlift.  Titanz Fitness of North Georgia, 280 Banks Crossing Drive, Commerce, Ga.  39529 USA.

Entry Form    Team Entry Form     Information


Bench Press Raw and Equipped. 

IPO single ply.
IPO multi-ply
IPO soft bench press (slingshot).
GPA Raw bench press.
Lifter with the heaviest bench press of the day will receive a 25kg, 8 feet Texas Bench Press Bar. The heaviest bench press will be determined by the APC equipped/raw formula.

GPA Raw Deadlift.
Lifter with the heaviest deadlift will receive a Texas Deadlift Bar, no formula.

GPA Raw Push Pull
Individual and Team competition. Team winner will receive a Texas Power Bar.   

Medals for 3 places in all divisions.
Best lifter trophies for all divisions where 3 lifters are pre-registered.

June 9, 10, 2018
GPA/IPO European Championships.  St Petersburg, Russia.   Sergey Dluzshnevskiy, Email:

October 12-14, 2018
GPA/IPO Euroasia Championships.  Voronezh, Russia.   Sergey Dluzshnevskiy, Email:  Aleksandr Olhovskiy, Email:

November, 2018
GPA / IPO World Championships, Ukraine