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                                      Marisa Golob of Slovenia- Powerlifter of the Month for November 2014


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Notice to American Lifters
American lifters must be members of the APC and produce their APC card at the weigh in.  If you are not a member of the APC please contact L B Baker

L B Baker
Svetlana Baker
Andy Williamson
Michael Lloyd
Dana Tripp
Russ Tripp
Dan Green
Eric Lilliebridge
Rocky Tilson
Uwe Thormann
Kevin Oak
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Jason Banks
Ed Coan
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October 25, 2014
Marvelous Maidens of Iron, Women's Powerlifting.  Boss Barbell Club, Mountain View Ca.  94043.  Raw and Equipped Divisions.  Powerlifting, Push Pull, Bench Press Only, Deadlift Only
Dan Green, Promoter, information   Pictures

November 1- 4, 2014, GPA - IPO Eurasian Cup, Vologda, Russia,  Sport Complex.  Results

November 7-9, 2014
GPA - IPO World Cup.  Kiev, Ukraine,  Yevheniy Pavlov.  Email:   Results

November 21 - 24, 2014
GPA World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships.  Sydney, Australia   For the Official Web Site click  
GPA Worlds 2014    AGM, 6:00 PM or after powerlifting and awards ceremeny Sunday November 23, 2014.

Wayne Howlett and CAPO Australia are preparing for the 5th, and what looks to be the largest, GPA World Championships to date.  We will all give him our support and encouragement as he prepares for this great event.  The GPA is still young and the growth is fantastic.   As we grow, new situations arise.  Each year at the AGM is the time we meet and discuss changes and the need for new rules.  Each GPA member country has a vote at the AGM.    We have established a page for items to be discussed at the 2014 AGM here:  2014 Items for discussion  If you have something to discuss please email: and I will post it.
United States Citizens will need a visa to go to Australia.  It can be obtained on line.  For a link click HERE

December 14, 2014
GPA Croatia National Powerlifting Championships

March, 2015
GPA/IPO East Europe Championships - Moskau, Russia

April 24, 25, 26,  2015
GPA/IPO European Championships , Tbilisi, Georgia, Zurab Tavartkiladze. Email. 

May 15 - 17, 2015
GPA / IPO European Cup, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

May 2015
GPA / IPO Russian Championships, Vologda, Russia

June 26, 27, 28, 2915
APC National Championships.  GPA / IPO World Qualifiers.  L B Baker email:

August, 2015
GPA / IPO Eurasia Championships.  Vologda, Russia

October 8, 9, 10, 11, 2015
GPA World Powerlifting Championships 2015, USA

December, 2015
GPA / IPO East European Cup, Vologda, Russia

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