GPA / IPO Guidelines

Effective January 1, 2018

At the GPA / IPO Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 the issue of too many World events was discussed.   This degrades the title of World Champion. 

It was decided that we need a set of guidelines for member nations to follow.

A member Nation President or Representative of the GPA / IPO will not promote or support other federations.  They will be loyal to and promote the GPA / IPO during the term of their agreement.

The following guidelines are to help promote the GPA/IPO and make the best use of the promotors time and money and make a profit by promoting quality events.

1.        There will be only one World event each year, the GPA/IPO World Powerlifting Championships.    The World Championships will be in a different country each year decided by a vote of the majority at the AGM each year.

2.       The World Championships will be held in the fall of the year and consist of:
    Powerlifting contest: squat, bench press, and deadlift. 
    Push Pull contest: bench press and deadlift. 
    Bench Press contest. 
    Deadlift contest.

3.       Each member country may have local and regional contests, preferably in the spring, and a national contest in May or June each year.

4.       There will be one Continental contest each year on each continent, such as European Championships in Europe, South American Championships in South America, USA in the USA, Asia Championships in Asia, Australia Championships in Australia, etc. in July or August.    No Continental contest will be allowed within 3 months of the GPA/IPO World Championships.

5.       Other Continental contests such as Baltic Cup, Mediterranean Cup, etc. will be in August or September. 

6.       Continental contests on a single continent will be scheduled 2 months apart.  Scheduling will be on a first come basis.

7.       Single lift contests and push pull contests may have different schedules.